Who's Ang Li

Basic information

I’m now a PhD student at the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) and just joined Kirstie’s lab as a one-year visiting student at the Alan Turing Institute, funded by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). My current research interests include neuroscience, genetics, neuroimaging and artistic data visualization, and understanding or building biomarkers for mental disorders.

I like challenges but sometimes I also need a man to kick my ass behind. (Picuture taken at Huairou District of Beijing in 2016)


My hometown is a small city called ‘Hegang’, located at Northeast of China and adjoins Russia. In winter, it is an ice wonderland, fully of beautiful snow and rime, and people like having ice-suckers even when it’s minus thirty degrees outside. Please don’t think that people from cold regions are cold resistant. On the contrary, people in south China can endure more cold as they don’t have heating system inside their houses. As for us, in winter we sometimes open our windows to cool off as the central heating is so …! (heating system is usually not intelligent but powerful in my hometown)

My hometown (the photo from internet (https://so.vjshi.com/889403.html))

Previous experences

During my university period, I majored in automation at Harbin Institute of Technology, where I skipped most of classes because I was doing so many other fun things 😬! I and my friend rent a house to set up a recording studio and I was in charge of producing MTV. In my holiday, I did a part-time job as the figurant in Hendian, the biggest cinema city in China, just attempted to watch how they professionally shoot videos. But after carrying on several advertising films, I realized that I shouldn’t regard video producing as my vocation, as the business often comes first than art and creativity.

I love music, including rock and roll, folk rhyme and pop music. One of my favorite rock band is MISERABLE FAITH and I used the symbol of this band as the head portrait in my social-media account. It encouraged me that one should raise his head and never compromise to difficulties. Also, I listened folk songs everyday, it gave me a place to release all my stress and Bi Cheng is one of my favoriate.

2017 New Year’s Eve concert of Bi Cheng, a folk singer in China. (Photo taken by me at Hangzhou in 2017)

Fish in scientific research

Then my interest fell into mental disorder and brain science after watching some related films and TED lectures. I’m very fortunate to meet and know my current Chinese supervisor Prof. Bing Liu . She’s a very kind and talented scientist and gave me a unique opportunity to do scientific research. In China, we did an interesting and meaningful research that developing a novel imaging biomarker for schizophrenia by using machine learning technologies and large-sample case-control datasets, which can potentially help future diagnosis, medication and pathological studies.

Curiosity for Brain (Drawed at Harbin in 2015).

Fish in Turing

Here in London, although my journey just began, I found Kirstie very nice and aspiring and it also seems a wonderful place to engage in scientific research. I hope we can together make some fantastic findings in the field of neurodevelopment and I’m really excited to learn knowledge of open science from her. Moreover, I’m looking forward to make new friends and improve myself here.

Just do it!